Dynamic Graphical Environment

Vary size, shape and colour of points independently and update them live across all displays based on selections and attributes within your data.  Render groups of data visible and invisible on-the-fly.

Area Selection and Belt-Wide Targeting

ioGAS provides a range of levelling methods to enable regional data collected over different geological terrains or analysed using different techniques to be interrogated as one cohesive dataset.

Grid levelled data using the ioGAS optimised gridding algorithm to enhance subtle anomalies.

3rd Party Connectivity

View ioGAS attributed data in Google Earth or combine with topographical, geological and geophysical data in GIS programs such as ArcGIS and MapInfo.

Copy plot windows as image or vector files to give a professional finish to your reports and presentations.

ioGAS-GOCAD live link

GOCAD® users can utilise the ioGAS-GOCAD live link to apply attributes and make selections in both programs. Read More...

Working with Drillhole Data

Display attributed drillhole data in a 3D rotating spatial plot or view as one dimensional stacked line profiles.

What Makes ioGAS Unique?

Our automatic name matching and element/oxide/unit conversion capability enables data to be converted on-the-fly for use in classification diagrams, spider plot normalisations, calculations and plots with projected mineral or rock nodes.

ioGAS-Leapfrog Geo live link

The ioGAS Link enables users of Leapfrog Geo and ioGAS to work with their data in real-time. Geochemical or geometallurgical data can be analysed in ioGAS and then visualised and modelled in the 3D environment using Leapfrog Geo. Geochemistry parameters can be added as new attributes and transformed into 3D interpolants for enhancing geological models. Read More...

News and Events

ioGAS 5.1 is Now Available!

Cluster AnalysisTemplates, append data, discriminant analysis projection, centred log ratio, nulls analysis, order/combine attribute groups plus improvements to existing features. Read more...



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